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If you are under contract with the seller “pending inspection”  or  doing a “pre-contract” inspection, Wesco Home Inspections can provide you with inspection help through the process.

Prior to listing, find potential problems and have them corrected to increase your sales price and market your home as ready to move in.

If you are looking for an inspection or your current inspector is not available, give Wesco Home Inspections a call at 425-231-6051 to schedule an appointment.

If you are a homeowner and you purchased a “new construction” property, it is a smart investment to have us come perform an 11 month warranty inspection.  We conduct these at the 10th and 11th month to make sure the Builder fixes all issues prior to the end of the 12 month warranty period.

Investment property owners, landlords and property managers may utilize Wesco Home Inspection service for an annual maintenance inspection.  We can also help you document (via critical photos)  the current state of the rental property prior to tenant move–in.

Wesco Home Inspections is a “Qualified Private Rental Housing Inspector” (QPRHI).  We are certified to help the City of Seattle meet their need for rental housing inspections in order to satisfy the “Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO).”  Wesco Home Inspections was one of a handful of companies providing early feedback to help create the RRIO process.

Why request a WESCO Home Inspection?

Problems Happen

As a house ages, a variety of issues ranging from normal wear & tear to severe damage can begin to appear.

We Identify Them

Not all issues are identifiable. However, with the experience of working on hundreds of homes WESCO can identify problems you may overlook.


And Recommend How to Proceed

Issues vary with regard to repair schedule and cost. WESCO can tell you how concerned you should be and the next steps to take.

Be confident in your transaction, before you sign.

Washington State Home Inspector License #1057

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