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How Much Will a Home Inspection Cost?

Home inspection cost is dependent on the following criteria:
The Home Inspection cost depends on the type of house.
  • The square footage of the home is the most important piece of information when determining home inspection cost. More area to inspect requires more time.

  • The cost of the home inspection is also dependent on the age of the home due to the additional problems that present themselves after a number of years.  

  • The experience of the home inspector effects the home inspection cost. Inspectors with a long history have been through more homes and are thus trusted to make fewer mistakes. This translates into higher demand for their inspections.
  • Locations outside the service area may incur an additional fee due to travel time that effects the cost of the home inspection.

    The End Result Is:

    In order to provide an accurate estimate of the home inspection cost, the inspector needs to ask a few questions about the property being inspected. Prices start from $275. Click Here for more information on what is included in an inspection.

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    THe cost of a home inspection depends on a variety of factors.
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